Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's What She Said...

So that's why he left "The Office..."

Oh, and I forgot to mention what we have to look forward to on our next visit--a meeting with Dr. Michael Scott! I know, I know. The poor guy was probably just coasting along, building up a great reputation and practice, and then "BAM!" that dang Ricky Gervais had to come along and invade the States.

Since we're now in the "need to meet all the doctors and midwives possible" phase of our prenatal care, I had wondered if we'd get around to him.  Thankfully, he's up next, and I can't wait. Is it bad that I have such high expectations? I mean, he's probably super serious and old or something, but one can hope, right? I will definitely have to hold back all of my internal commentary (I'm sure he gets at least one off-color "Office" reference a day), and just hope a "That's what she said!" doesn't accidentally slip out...

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