Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oscar Rabbit

This picture doesn't do Oscar Rabbit's size justice...

We're surrounded by woods here at Amityville, and for the first few months living here, we'd hear rustlings in the bushes at night as curious animals were scared away by Olive and Oscar running outside to go potty. These rustling became familiar and distinct over time, with one very loud, boisterous animal in particular becoming part of our nighttime routine. As the weather has gotten warmer, these little creatures have become more bold, showing themselves in the daylight hours to soak in some sun. About a month ago, in the wee hours of the morning, I discovered the identity of our nighttime visitor--a HUGE brown rabbit that we aptly named "Oscar Rabbit" because, well, he's a rabbit that's as big as our dog Oscar. :)

The name stuck instantly, and to make it even more perfect, we've discovered he has a girlfriend, which we then named "Olive Rabbit," because she's shorter and rounder than Oscar Rabbit, just like our little schnauzers. Olive and Oscar Rabbit live in the woods on the side of our house, which is rich with underbrush for them to doze under and scurry about. They peak their little rabbit ears out of the woods every morning and evening to venture into our yard for some breakfast and dinner (eating our pretty red tulips and over-grown grass), and one of E.V.'s favorite things is to peer out of the windows to watch our rabbits enjoy their meal. They're slowly but surely becoming less and less scared of our voyeurism, and in return we've grown very fond of them. I believe I may have found the one thing that I'll miss about Amityville one day...

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