Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three Little Ladies, Sitting in a Row

Harper Blevins, Emerson Engert and Emma Vance Shove

While UGA squashed Georgia Tech yesterday, Danielle, Chelsea and I played with our babies, and while they seemed to be taking turns being sleepy and napping, there was a brief moment in time when all three were awake and happy. Uh-mazing. I hope they all grow up to be friends if for no other reason than to put these pictures to good use. :)

Emerson came to visit all the way from D.C.!

(Shame on Hudson for that jersey--although he did call the dawgs in it, so he's forgiven.)

Harper was dressed in the right colors...of course!

Buddies :)

Getting six women to pose for the camera = impossible!

Take two...

Third time's a charm?

(I cannot stop laughing at E.V.'s expression in this pic!)

Even though these pictures aren't in focus, so stinkin' awesome!


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