Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chatty Kathy

Growing bigger every month!

Because Emma Vance has been doing well with weight gain, growth and overall health, we didn't need a three-month appointment with the pediatrician. I have mixed feelings about this: On one hand, I'm thankful that the doctor doesn't have any concerns about her development. On the other hand, TWO MONTHS seems like a long time not to do at least a quick once-over to make sure everything's still on track. Itching to at least check in on her growth stats, I dropped by the pediatrician's office yesterday to borrow their scale.

I'm happy to say that E.V. is still growing well, and at three months, she weighs in at 13 lbs. 10 oz. Sometimes I see other babies who are super chunky and roly-poly and wonder if Emma Vance should be blubber-ier, but I suppose she has the rest of her life to worry about her weight. Oh, being a woman...

Since I knew I wanted to drop by the doctor's office Friday morning, I figured afterwards I'd knock "get car washed" off my to do list while I was out. Since errands now require more planning than ever, I woke up E.V. with intentions of wearing her out for her first nap so that she'd be passed out at the carwash. Wrong.

She was particularly energetic all morning--and particularly talkative.

"Gooooooood mooooooorning!"

I know I've mentioned how chatty our little lady is, but she never seems to want to talk when I'm recording her. (Stubborn like her mom.) Friday morning, however, she indulged my having the phone in her face, making silly baby noises without regard to her mom's excitement. It started while watching "Dinosaur Train," a Shove family favorite...

Then, when she got tired of talking to Shiny, Tiny and Don (parents, you know the certain pteranodons I speak of), she began her daily task of kicking anything and everything within reach, which at the moment in time was nothing. It was time to give her voice a rest and her feet some attention...

Happy feet (and hands)!

I felt guilty that she clearly was confused as to why kicking was resulting in NO SOUND, so we moved to her piano, where she had a lively conversation with Mr. Elephant...

Figuring that babbling must be out of her system for the day, I headed out to the doctor's office followed by the car wash. Despite gray clouds and a forecast of rain, it was really busy, making me a bit nervous that E.V. would cry and make everyone roll their eyes at me. Thankfully, she didn't fuss even one bit...mostly because she wanted to talk to everyone. And not only did she talk to everyone, it lasted the full 30 minutes that we were there...

Only when our car was new and shiny did she pass out (thanks for that timing, E.V.). She made a very common face of hers that always cracks me up...

"Moooom! Stop taking pictures of me, okay?"

"Whatever. I'm out."

I wish I could catch her mimicking words on camera, but she's still shy about that talent. :) I swear sometimes, out of the blue, I hear her saying, "Help me!" I never said anything to anyone about it (because that's odd and creepy), but the other day she was talking away and Ryan spun around during one of her "sentences" and exclaimed, "Did she just say, 'Help me!'?" I was so excited that someone else heard it! (PS: Where did she hear that one? I have no clue!)

I know these videos aren't that riveting to anyone but Ryan and me, but I don't want to forget what her little baby voice sounds like. She already has a different tone and makes different noises than she did as a tiny newborn, and I regret not capturing those first babblings. Her voice is so sweet, and one day when she actually says real words, I hope I never grow callous to their sweet sound.

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