Thursday, May 17, 2012

34 Weeks


Can I get any bigger? (I guess the answer is "yes," although let's hope not!)  The baby clearly had a growth spurt over the past few weeks; I swear my stomach grows a few inches overnight-every-night!

The latest with the baby (besides continuing to be on track and doing fine) is that she gets hiccups--A LOT! The first time it happened, I was a bit confused; it felt like someone tapping my stomach to a beat, but considering I was alone when it happened (and don't believe in ghosts), I realized that her hiccuping was the likely culprit.  It was so unusual-feeling the first time, but slowly over the past two weeks it's been happening more and more.  "The books" say it's a good sign: It means she's practicing breathing, which is crazy to think about.  However, as the weeks have passed, it's gone from "every few days" to "a few times a day," including during my doctors appointment this morning...I have such a hard time concentrating on a conversation when it happens--sorry midwife!

And speaking of midwives, I met with one I loved this morning and asked her what to do about avoiding Disliked Midwife #1 and #2 during labor, and she gave me a couple of helpful tips.  Crossing fingers that now-named Adored Midwife #1 is on-call when this little lady decided to make an appearance!

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  1. you look great Talie! Veda Jane had hiccups during the last part of my pregnancy & had them for the first couple of months once she got here too! It is the most adorable thing! I love your blog & can't wait to see this baby girl!